Our Story

21 fish. helps brands make a splash through creative Brand Marketing strategies. It defines and reinvigorates Brand personalities through vivid imagery, buzz worthy social media, inspiring digital footprints, & experiential marketing strategies that bump the bass a little louder. Think of us as Consumer Connectivity Specialists, simply here to bring the Brand to life.

Get To Know Us

21 fish. is a compilation of hardwork, creativity, and passion. Founded by Kristyn Roth, the Brand embodies all the characteristics and standards she sets for herself, including: an adventurous attitude with a strong work ethic, plus a healthy dose of ambition, needed to achieve the goals at hand.

With a strong background in Brand Marketing & Management, Kristyn began taking on consulting projects with inspiring Lifestyle Brands. Her dedication and enthusiasm makes it easy for her to become ingrained in the culture, and better understand the needs and goals of the company. Through her creative forward thinking, extensive network, and marketing experience, she designed 21 fish. to offer those ideas to other companies looking to create a Brand (with a capital B).


Light up your Brand through a targeted project, or widespread campaign! 21 fish. offers a variety of Brand Marketing strategies with depth of knowledge and experience within our services.

Creative Content

Create an identity through lifestyle shots, vivid imagery, & compelling videos. Build a content library of photos & graphics to be used throughout your branding campaigns.

Brand Videos

Show the world what your Brand represents through engaging brand stories. 

Marketing Strategy

We do a deep dive into the business to lay out an all encompassing marketing plan for the internal team to execute. 

Social Media

A cohesive social media strategy is essential in today’s culture; stand out and connect with your consumers through powerful storylines, content calendars, and a strong identity across all platforms.


Casual cookouts or premium product launches, we sure know how to throw a party. 

Experiential Marketing

Create a fun, memorable experience for your consumer. Let’s give them something to talk about. 

PR Programs

Connect with your target consumers through premium influencer seeding, ambassador programs, and our robust connectivity network. 

Website Development

Creative website development & management for WordPress sites. 


No Bad Days

Happiness is contagious. So why not spread some joy with feel good videos and Brand Messaging? Instead of telling someone about your Brand, show them.


Press Play

Scroll through our fun lifestyle videos, where we look to capture the essence of the event, the personality of the consumer, or the Brand itself.

Fast Forward

Check out some other examples on our YouTube channel! Ahem, a side effect may be daydreaming about your own Brand’s future video (that’s always encouraged).


Dive deeper with some successful client examples. Swim around!


Check out our recent events for the #MakeWaves fundraising campaign!


Be inspired everyday. Here are just a few things that get our juices flowing...

Vitamin D
The Ocean

Drop Us A Line!

Big fish or small fish, we have love for all. If you're interested in learning more about what we do, then dive right in and let's get salty. Send us a message in a bottle below (or as we like to think of it, the less salty expedited message)!